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WAM Festival 2015

Perth, Australia

Perth, the best city in Australia, that's what people say, but maybe those are only people from Perth, let's find it out ! Perth is livable city with golden beaches and easy going people, the biggest charm of the city is that it offers a combination of big capital with relaxed and appealing lifestyle. This cosmopolitan city is sophisticated and simple, you can chill out in one of the myriad bars and sample the world class local wines and watch the most beautiful ocean sunsets, also the nightlife is inviting.

Introducing the city, Perth is located along the beautiful waters of the Swan River, inland of Indian Ocean on West of Australia. It founded by Captain James Stirling in 1829, which was still a part of Swan River Colony. Perth is the only Australia's capital where you can enjoy the beaches, it's also the sunniest state capital, with 19 perfectly clean and amazing looking beaches, where you can swim or surf, from the iconic Cottesloe.

Perth looks as it has promised on the postcard, some of the best views from Kings Park and Botanic Garden, which is by the way one of the biggest inner city parks in the whole world. It has 400 hectares of splendid and sculpted gardens, where you can ride a bicycle or enjoy a picnic surrounded by wildflowers in bloom, amazing.

Perth is in between bushes and rivers, beautiful ocean beaches and very kind citizens and laid back charm, that doesn't mean that the city can me alive and fulfilled with events.

This year on November will be held the annual WAM Festival, starting today, the 5th, it's the biggest ever, with more than 150 local acts. Western Australian music festival started back in 1987, it's the best festival that supports all kind of levels and genres of original contemporary music in Western Australia. This year it will be the biggest ever seen, with 166 acts playing across WAM Festival events all around Australia. The most of the shows will be totally free, it will be four days of non stop music, so prepare yourself!


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